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Dynamically updated every day by MOREOVER.COM, pulling related news from hundreds of sources.

Currently, we have 8 newsfeeds, but this should expand to bring www.egulphy.com readers a variety of news items on many topics.

 E-mail newsfeeds@egulphy.com for custom newsfeed requests.

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THAT LONDON SHOW - The Junior Paperless One hosts his own show?!?  (in RealVideo)

LONDINI - The Boy's photoblog

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Welcome to Epinions.com!EPINIONS - Because I'm an e-pinionated bastard!

Keep looking for more of Egulphy's reviews - sign up, write your own, and make some money!!!  New reviews posted frequently, because Epinions is one of the hottest sites out there at the moment, in the humble opinion of the Paperless One. 

Not sure what the deal is?  The Paperless One explains Epinions.

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...ATE MY BALLS WEBPAGES - There are a million of them out, and for some twisted reason, people still look at them!  We offer our very first "ate my balls" page, featuring none other than our favourite shit disturber,  Michael Moore.

THE EGULPHY.COM ONLINE STORE - You need another mouse pad if your mouse keeps getting stuck in those potholes, and a new coffee mug if you forget what colour your mug was supposed to be!  Buy from our online store - fork out the Visa and have your new mug come to you (you've gotta put your own coffee on, lazy ass!).

EVIL TWINS - The Paperless One is keeping track of evil twins.  Look and see, and if you know of any, send them to eviltwins@egulphy.com.

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