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Terror Links


The Paperless One, not unlike the rest of the world, has been drawn to writing excessively about things related to the events of September 11th.

He isn't the only one who has allowed these events to inspire website material - check these out!

GET YOUR WAR ON - Here's a series of sardonic comic strips related to the "war on terrorism".

BIN LADEN CAN'T RUN OR HIDE - My personal favourite - the song "Day-O" re-written and set to a SW animation featuring a great bongo-drumming George Bush.

ON THE RUN AGAIN - Willie Nelson would be proud of Osama!  Watch for Geraldo Rivera, the funniest thing to hit Afghanistan since the Taliban!

SCUMTHUMPIN' - They got knocked down/but they'll be up again/you'll be sorry that you knocked 'em down...with apologies to Chumbawamba.  So bad it's good!

KOONTZ'S CONSPIRACY - As reported in the October 25th SCRIBBLE, this guy is a nut, but, like my personal hero, Wilson Bryan Key, provides some great reading.

OSAMA - Although they have as much to do with it as Richard Koontz has to do with Dean Koontz, it sucks to be them.

WWW.MICHAELMOORE.COM - Michael Moore has maintained a compassionate yet thought-provoking array of material on his site since the events of September 11th.

THE TOURIST GUY - This guy has inspired both www.touristofdeath.com and www.thetouristguy.com, both of which go to show that the online world has been starving for another "All Your Base" for some time now.

SNOPES - My favourite archive of Urban Legends has had no shortage of tales based on this!  Check out the massive "Rumours of War" section.

WWW.FUCKOSAMA.COM - You knew it was bound to happen.  However, you can share in the joy and get yourself an e-mail address @fuckosama.com for a nominal charge.

WWW.FUCKUSAMA.COM - Since the other spelling was already taken, this was bound to happen as well.  This one's the more interesting of the two.

TIMOTHY McVEIGH:  WAS HE AN IRAQI AGENT? - Okay, this is getting ridiculous!

ANTHRAX - The band who got dragged into this by virtue of their name has their share to say about the incidents that have touched the New York band where they live.

TWISTED HUMO(U)R - Once they received word that it was okay to be funny again, they released the game "Yo Mama, Osama".

NET-VESTIGATOR - The banner ads read "Is your neighbour a terrorist?"...

BAD SAMARITAN - Alas!  Someone confirmed my suspicions and confirmed that "Osama bin Laden Hallowe'en masks are flying off the shelves faster than a B-52 on it's way to Afghanistan".

DAILY WONKLISTS - No shortage of political or Osama-related material here!  ROTFLMAO!!!

OSAMA BIN LADEN IS JESUS - Here's the proof:  the Shroud of Turin may contain the face-print of none other than Osama bin Laden himself!!!

DEAD ARAB - Remember The Cure?  So do these guys.

OSAMA BIN LADEN'S HOMEPAGE - Even Osama has the right to a web presence, right?

THE RESISTANCE - A site devoted to removing the BULLSHIT from the current media-war situation.

THE TALIBAN ONLINE - Before they realized that the Internet was evil and made everyone disconnect their modems from Afghanistan Online, the Taliban used to have a web site.  However, these days, all we have is an archive of "interesting material".  No women allowed, either.

ALL YOUR WORLD TRADE CENTER ARE BELONG TO AL QUAEDA - It was only a matter of time, you know. Courtesy of www.osamabinladenblows.com !!!

WWW.KICKOSAMA.COM - Fuckosama.com was already taken!

MAHIR BIN LADEN'S WEBPAGE - I kiss you!  It was only a matter of time before the Pentagon blew the roof oof the whole Mahir/bin Laden connection!

OSAMA'S CAVE DANCE - Apparently, Osama has been recording his very own versions of classic hits like "Stroke It", "Freeway of Love", and, our personal fave, "Pretty Woman".

TALIBAN WOMEN REVOLT - Remember them?  These Afghan hotties have come out of the closet, so to speak.

E! TRUE HOLLYWOD STORIES - Inside the psyche of a terrorist with a small a-penis!

UNCLE FUCKA - This is so beautiful...starring George Bush and Osama!

LET IT SNOW - The Taliban wouldn't let a little snow spoil their training...would they?


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