These Rolling Stones cannot be displayed

The Rolling Stones concert you are looking to attend is currently unavailable.  The city of Toronto might be experiencing technical difficulties with its public transit system, so you may need to hone your aircraft navigation skills to get to Downsview Park.  Remember to say "Excuse me", as this is the only way to get half a million Canadians to move.

Please try the following:

  • Click the  Heels together, and repeat "There's no place like home!"
  • If you are Mel Lastman, remember to justify why putting 500,000 people in contact with one another in a confined space is the most obvious way to overcome a communicable disease that previously quarantined thousands of people.
  • To see newspapers bickering amongst themselves and causing widespread paranoia, click and
  • If the army can get called in for Toronto's snow removal, then certainly they are worthy of listening to the world's oldest living rock band.  If you would like to use the Army for crowd control, click Call In The Army
  • If you suspect that this error message is due to someone having a blanket or bottle of water on their person, Call In The Nazis to have this person taken care of, as it is likely their fault that you are seeing this error message.  In fact, it is likely their fault that SARS was brought to Canada in the first place.  They likely brought a SARS-infected blanket or bottle of water on a plane from Asia, starting this whole mess in the first place.
  • Some events require years of planning - this one took only a few weeks.  If you are looking for someone to plan your next large-scale group function in a matter of weeks, click Call In The Brewery
  • If you are the promoter of this event trying to protect your interests, make sure that Mick Jagger's web browser is configured to block all media leaks and mistruths regarding this event . Click the Tools menu, and then click on Internet Options. On the Security tab, scroll to the Rolling Stones section and turn security settings to "SARS mask on all web content".
  • Click the Altamont button if you are interested in hiring extra security for the event.

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