August 17, 2003

Like the rest of you, I'm sitting by candlelight with all the lights and air conditioner out.

...that is what I would be saying if it wasn't a fact that we are essential.

That's right!  Not only do we have the A/C set to 19 degrees Celsius, but we even have the windows open.  We are also watering the lawn of the HQ as we speak, and listening to music REALLY FUCKING LOUD.  Oh yeah, I'm also doing my laundry and standing here with the fridge door WIDE OPEN.  If I could stop flushing this toilet over and over again, I might just be inspired to check on my microwave full of aluminum foil.

Although no one wants any coffee, I've got the coffeemaker on...just in case the power goes out. 

...and what's wrong with having every light in the house on?  When the power comes back on after the next blackout, you'll know about it no matter where you are!

I'm just kidding, but something about the satire kind of bites.

Is it noble when people are willing to go to prison for you?  Just wondering.

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