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May 26, 2002


Sellin' the Smut (of the "amateur" variety)

May 26, 2002

California-based X10, makers of the pictured wireless video cameras below, have branched their market a bit as of late.  Since the "expose" on security breaches of wireless cameras was shown on CBS news recently, the company has been forced to market themselves to wannabe amateur porn producers, by including a "slutty Catholic schoolgirl" photo in between two "security scans" in its ads.

You know the ads - the annoying popups that show up when you are using AudioGalaxy or logging on to Scribble with the pop-up killer shut off!    You also know that they used to be pretty straightforward, touting their wireless "security" cameras.

Recently, "security" has expanded to "security and fun" - attempting to cash in on the "American Pie" generation, and apparently it's working.  For the perverts in the crowd (those would be the folks who got here by entering "Catholic schoolgirl" in a Google search and finding this page), check out a friendly neighbourhood file-sharing app and look for "hidden camera sex" escapades.

X10 seems to be doing okay, even though weasels in white vans can intercept the signals.

P.S.:  Ever notice that it's always a "white van"?!?

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