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May 12, 2002


Found Art (or so they call it @ www.royaljournal.com)

May 12, 2002

A couple years ago, The Paperless One purchased a Japanese Maple tree from an area garden centre.  The tree was guaranteed for a year, but things didn't work out so well for us, and the tree didn't exactly weather it through. 

However, Paperless never did go back to the garden centre to cash in on the guarantee because on the back of the guarantee, stapled to the bill, were the workings of a heartbroken employee.

Just a couple weeks ago, Paperless was searching the web for something (I most likely found the link from www.fark.com) and stumbled across a good site called Royal Journal (www.royaljournal.com)  , where things like this abound.

There are love notes, strange abandoned pictures (the "Thumbs Up Guy" is a personal fave - he's going in a Photoshop one of these days!!!), and crazy signs, as well as covers of romance novels with girls that have three hands

Be sure to check it out, and remember kids...don't throw anything away, just PUT IT ON THE INTERNET!!!

Send me an e-mail and be sure to submit your examples of "found art" - they make a great, low-maintenance excuse for a column!

P.S.:  How about those Leafs?!?

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