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March 10, 2002


6 Months Later

March 10, 2002

Well, Osama - we haven't forgotten you.  While CNN (with the possible exception of Aaron Brown) has moved on to bigger and better things (like the fall of Enron, destined to be this year's "O.J. Trial"), we haven't forgotten your work.

We appreciate the lower interest rates associated with your Al Quaeda activity, as I'm sure you would if you had to take out a mortgage on caves in Afghanistan.

We appreciate the collectibility of the New York skyline photo in this year's IKEA catalogue.

We appreciate the renewed interest in abandoned subway stations, now that there are a few more of them.

We appreciate the kick in the ass you made Hollywood give themselves - bullshit action flicks with shitloads of explosions are still not politically correct!

We appreciate the popularity of New Yorkers like The Strokes and Ryan Adams.  They thank you too, except for the whole bit about "New York City Cops".

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