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February 17, 2002


Real Signs!

February 17, 2002

Since we're doing nothing but watching the Olympics, we bring you, courtesy of Leon, an archive of signs that really exist!

Thanks for the warning!  I feel safer already!

Just in case Batman gets lost...

Decisions, decisions...

The road sign equivalent to an "I'm with stupid" sign...

Only 36% of women ever find this...even with a map!

Can you say "Happy Fun Ball"?

Harsh methods of population control?

No way!  This has to be a Photoshop!!!

You could drive around for hours looking for the entrance that you can enter through!

...and it's ringing, too!

Favourite of the "Fast and Furious" (or is that Vin Diesel Fried Chicken?)...

Prince Phillip says much the same...

...but not on the first date!

At least they're honest!

"The Runs", "Corn on the Cob", "Snackin' on Peanuts", or even "Too Much Labatt's Blue" - you'll all have an equal opportunity at Taco Bell!

For those of you too busy to just take it in the shower with you...

This never happened, either!


Sounds like a good excuse to speed!

Regular folks have to ask seedy types downtown, while rabbits get directed to it.  Go figure!

...and while you're figuring that out...

Don't tell anyone!

They are normally referred to as "the cheerleading squad"!

Last time I got a tattoo, I had to leave my skin there for a week!

"Snow on road during snowstorm"?!?


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