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November 25, 2001


Who were you expecting to see...some white guy?

November 25, 2001

 Wasn't Igor a pasty white guy?

The Paperless One isn't sure, but sure finds some irony in Tiger Woods' backing of the latest Buick SUV, the Rendezvous.

It's great to see Buick stepping out of the box of being a "crusty old white guy" car by appealing to a more youthful and ethnically diverse crowd, thanks to their top-shelf golf celebrity Tiger Woods, but isn't there some strange sense of irony in the fact that Buick is paying the Tiger over $30 million to be the "face" of their brand, promoting the Mexican-made Rendezvous, assembled south of the border by employees making a comparatively high (by Mexican standards) $5 an hour.

Yep, a Mexican-made SUV - the pinnacle of American arrogance - a vehicle that consumes more in GAS than a Mexican GM employee earns.  The Gods are laughing at this one, as are GM...all the way to the bank, as crusty old white guys who don't consider themselves crusty old white guys line their driveways with this 4-wheel form of excess (second, of course to the Kenworth Pilgrimage, which measures its gas mileage in GALLONS PER MILE, not MILES PER GALLON!!!).

Smile Tiger, they're paying you more than Mexico!It's also pretty damned funny that the logo on Tiger's hat represents another company whose business practices are a major contributor to the polar shift in our economy.

Nike are no strangers to this company - they became famous for not only selling the "image of sport itself", but for doling out more money to their top dog, Michael Jordan, than they did to their entire Indonesian "workforce".

Remember the good old values your grandfather passed on to you working hard, maintaining a good work ethic, and letting your conscience be your guide?  Throw all that shit out the window!

As parents in this "new economy" that whole "conscience" thing will need to be put aside in favour of the ability to justify any sort of exploitation of others.  Those who can do that will make great executives.

As for you kids who can't do that, you can always practice your golf swing or your jump shot!

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