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June 3, 2001


Guest Subliminal Ad

June 3, 2001

The Paperless One has been a busy boy planning a venture to Montreal next weekend (yes, we'll have pictures!), and as a result, leaves you with a guest Paperless this week.

Contributed from guest Columbo Doug Silver, here is an ad from a theatre playbill from several years ago.  He has observed several creepy things in the ad...

The Paperless One was sort of daft when checking out the ad (he couldn't see much more than the skull in the hat), but Doug sent me a second graphic, a blow-up of the guys in the grass.  Click the link to see it...after you try finding them yourself.

Send your subliminals to me and I'll feature them here - subliminals@egulphy.com .

While you're at it, be sure to check out our SUBLIMINAL NEWS section.

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