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July 22, 2001


BBQ's and Raging Sexual Undertones!

July 22, 2001

The Paperless One loves a good barbecue!  He also loves a good subliminal ad, if you haven't figured that out by looking at previous columns, and he thinks that he's spotted something here.

This is an ad for Okanagan "Extra" raspberry cider.  Two couples get together for a BBQ and a few drinks.  Click, click - there's an ad.



Could there be more than meets the eye?  First of all, admit that you've already figured out the story behind the people based on their proximity to each other, their interaction, and the racial connect-the-dots assumptions that crossed your mind immediately.

Watch the fourth melon!Okay, smartypants?  Why are there only three burgers on the plate?   Why does the stack of plates have only three on it (yeah, yeah, someone might take the "community plate"!)?  Why is there only one person in the crowd with a raspberry cider?  The woman standing by the man who has the lone cider is drinking SOMETHING from a glass, but it has a LEMON in it.  You don't put lemon wedges in RASPBERRY cider!

Walk slowly and carry a big...Are there sexual undertones here?  As is the case with any product-sellin' advert, you bet your burger there are!  First of all, have you ever seen such a phallic utensil?  I don't know where "white boy" got the utensil, but his shaft-wielding sure has caught the eye of "Mr. Blue Jeans".  He appears to be in conversation with what is presumably his partner, but his eyes are either fixated on "white boy" or his "utensil".  Could this innocent night of burgers turn into a raging patio orgy (the kind that only exist in the minds of those who write to Penthouse Forum)?  Maybe, but The Paperless One doesn't think that Miss Burger Holder is going to be involved in it.  The fact that there are only three burgers on the plate, coupled with the THREE plates, as well as the significant grouping of the watermelon wedges (the fourth is teetering on the edge of the cutting board while the other THREE are grouped together) all point to the likelihood that someone isn't participating.

It's Miss Burger Holder.  Why?  Check out her foot!  She's partially behind bars, unable to control her bisexual mate's obsession with inviting swinging couples over for burgers while she plays the role of housewife and plate holder

Serious refreshment, indeed.

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