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July 1, 2001


John Harvey Kellogg, the developer of corn flakes, remained celibate for his entire life.39 Signs You May Be Eating Too Much Kellogg's Cereal 

By John Harvey Kellogg

July 1, 2001

  1. General debility
  2. Early symptoms of consumption
  3. Premature and defective development
  4. Sudden change in disposition
  5. Lassitude
  6. Unnatural dullness and vacantness
  7. Sleeplessness
  8. Failure of mental capacity
  9. Fickleness
  10. Untrustworthiness
  11. Love of solitude
  12. Bashfulness
  13. Unnatural boldness
  14. Mock piety
  15. Easily frightened
  16. Confusion of ideas
  17. Aversion for girls in boys; fondness for boys in girls
  18. Round shoulders
  19. Weak backs, pain in the limbs, and stiffness of the joints
  20. Paralysis
  21. Peculiar gait
  22. Bad sleeping positions
  23. Lack of development in the breasts
  24. Capricious appetite
  25. Fondness for unnatural, hurtful and irritating foods (e.g. salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard)
  26. Eating clay, slate-pencils, chalk
  27. Disgust for simple food
  28. The use of tobacco
  29. Unnatural paleness
  30. Acne or pimples
  31. Biting the fingernails
  32. Sunken red eyes
  33. Moist, cold hands
  34. Palpitation of the heart
  35. Hysteria
  36. Chlorosis
  37. Epileptic fits
  38. Wetting the bed
  39. Unchastity of speech and fondness for obscene stories

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