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April 29, 2001


The Milk Ad That Gave It Away

April 29, 2001

Check out the subliminal stuff here, kids!  Who do you think is going to win this year's "Survivor" show, based on the above photo?

The photo above is the latest ad for MILK that features the three "Survivor" finalists - Keith, Tina, and Colby.  MILK also plans to run an ad featuring the winner, implying that the "Survivors" were given milk in the outback.  We all know it was Bud Light!

The Paperless One has his money on Keith.  Not that he's watched a single episode this year (see "I Shant Watch Survivor Again" last year), but I just get a feeling from the photo.  I'll explain.

I know, at first glance, it appears that the heavens are opening up above Tina, and that she is in the "1st place" podium position.  All signs point to her so far, but something makes me suspicious about anyone with a beard like that Keith guy, especially when he's rolling his eyes around like he is in the photo.  He reminds me of a guy crossing the finish line, looking back over his shoulder at those who are following him.  

Imagine that there is an imaginary finish line to the left of the photo, and that Keith's body is buried in the sand running towards it.  He then becomes the ultimate "running silhouette" guy, and the other two are simply staring daftly into space.

Reading into the background past the obvious "Tina wins" suggestions, I see a tall mountain range behind Keith (the 1st place of a podium is highest).  2nd and 3rd place can be guessed again based on the size of the mountainous terrain behind the other two "Survivors".

I'm sure that the Paperless One will be wrong once again, and that the obvious subliminal messages telling me that Tina wins, will make me say "D'oh!" and prove that the Paperless One reads too much into just about everything, but we've got 4 days to find that out.

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