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 Paperless Karlito has scoured the web in search of hockey links for you, the hockey fan!

He found plenty of "fight sites" with links that don't work, found out all about Tiger Williams clubbing Scotty Bowman with a stick, and  found a few hockey pools to boot!

Here are some of the fruits of his labour:









The mother of all hockey sites, NHL.COM features up-to-the minute stats and scores, links to LIVE GAME RADIO for every single NHL game, VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS, and all the hockey news you could possibly want, including minor league action.  Whatever you need to find about hockey, you'll probably find it in the NHL's official site.

Even so, here are some other sites that may warrant a visit or two:

ESPN's site features a comprehensive stats page, fully sortable and highly beneficial to all of you poolie types!

Another big corporate hockey site made by Americans for Americans.  Check out the next one instead...  

Canada rules, and so does hockey, so it's only natural that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation would have a kickass hockey site (hey, our tax dollars pay for this shit, so it better be good!).  Sure, there are stats, news stories, and much more, but the real draw to this site is the following:  a season-long archive of COACH'S CORNER segments.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with COACH'S CORNER, check it out!  For those of you who are, there's hours of Don Cherry/Ron McLean footage here for you to watch.  Also on the CBC site is the NHL FANTASY POOL, which will be entering the playoff mode shortly (and most likely starting over, allowing newbie poolies to get in on the action).  If you're interested in joining the www.egulphy.com gang's league in the pool, our league name is "Too Many Men on the Ice".  E-mail us at egulphy@egulphy.com for the password.

Why this exists is beyond us...perhaps as a union of sorts to pool together and sue people like Alexi Yashin for breech of contract.  Anyway, they claim to have over 14,000 members, and if you're one of them, perhaps you can shed some light on it for us.  Wait a minute!  I just clicked something and I'm now the NHLFA's 14,357th member!  Look out, Carol Alt!  I'm after Alexi now!

Here at the website of Toronto's HOCKEY HALL OF FAME (the retired home of the original Stanley Cup), you can check out NHL records, from the many held by our own Wayne Gretzky, to the all-time penalty minutes leader, Dave "Tiger" Williams.  You can also order merchandise through the site, and view a list of NHL TROPHY WINNERS.  Check out the Hall of Fame's list of honourable members, as well as records, including the all-time goaltender wins record, currently held by Terry Sawchuk, but soon to be broken by Colorado's Patrick Roy.  For those of you who really want to visit the shrine in person, the site features details on how to get there and what you'll find when you do.

Courtesy of USA TODAY, find out how much your favourite (or least favourite) hockey player is earning this year.  Also on this site:  now was that "DAMN-FOOSE" or "DAMP-HOUSE"?  No wannabe NHL fan can be without the essential NHL PRONUNCIATION KEY!  Only in America, you say.

Headline Sports' website features a downloadable sports ticker for your desktop.

Featuring trade rumours (I heard the trading deadline has already passed...pass it on!) as well as online polls and "power indexes", there's something to be found for all.  Also worthy of note, 23% of their visitors think the Leafs will win the cup this year.

Some guy with a GeoCities page has a page full of stats, trivia, and interesting tidbits of information like the following:

Prior to 1917, goalies were not allowed to fall down on the ice to make a save.  If they did, they were fined $2.

The official website of MOLSON's syndicated radio program about hockey.  Contains a vast archive of audio clips

Interested in hockey posters?  Check out this site for all of your postering needs.



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