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Evil Twins


Here is our archive of identical twins:

Saddam Hussein

Walter Matthau

Make me cry!

Darcy Tucker

Johnny Depp


Jamie Oliver

Jacques Villeneuve

Beards in the West

Beards in the East

Billy Gibbons

Osama bin Laden

No explanation required!

I must say!

Thom Yorke

Ed Grimley

Beam me up, Sundin! Where's the defence?
Pat Quinn James "Scotty" Doohan
Tie will elbow you too... Henry's mug shot, yesterday
Tie Domi Henry Rollins
Hockey goon White trash goon
Darius Kasparaitis Kid Rock
Get out of my head, Messier! I paid $200 for this...
John Malkovich Mark Messier
Go kids! Go Stars!
Captain Kangaroo Ken Hitchcock
Sperm Bank another sperm bank...
Christina Aguilera Porn Star "Devon"


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