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What are Epinions, you ask?

In the day and age of everything except e-socks, there are e-everything!  Why should opinions be any different?By visiting www.epinions.com, you can make an informed decision before choosing to purchase an item, because the reviews (and there could be many) have all been done by everyday people, not some shills for the company.

Think about this:  if a reviewer was given a PT Cruiser to review the new PT Cruiser, how "critical" do you think he or she will be about them?

Point taken.

By signing up as an EPINIONS  member, you have the (very small) potential to make money from writing reviews, as I have the (very small) potential to make money by having you read MY reviews.

Welcome to Epinions.com! 


Click the EPINIONS logo to join up, and check out my EPINIONS while you're at it.



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