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EgulphyRadio - the voice of the noise!

How I wish I was 10 years old again, but only with technology the way it is now.  You see, I liked SO MUCH music that there was no way in hell my mother could afford to buy everything I wanted for me.  Looking back in retrospect, even with the price of an album at $5.00 as it was when I was 10 years old, I don't think I could afford it even now.

This left me taping a lot of music off of the radio, and left me listening to as much radio as Everclear reminisce about in their hit single, "AM Radio".  Sure, Artie's a bit older than the Paperless One, but the sentiments are the same - the song is a throwback to the early days of music for me.

My musical education was a bit backwards - I had only heard "Double Fantasy" and material from the early Beatles albums when I found out that John Lennon had been killed.  I still remember the CKOC All-Hit 40 Chart with his photo on it.  I also remember wondering how that "Dark Side of the Moon" album could have possibly stayed on the album charts when EVERYONE had SO MANY YEARS to have purchased it (I still can't answer that one!).  Anyway, somewhere in my basement lay a million tapes of songs with me, my friends, and even some relatives, doing our best impressions of radio DJ's.  The voices are squeaky, some of the dialogue downright embarrassing (for instance the "Crime and Punishment" re-enactment, complete with soundtrack by Peter Gabriel), but they all harbour fond memories of days gone by.

There's too much music going on now for me to bother rehashing the late 70's and early 80's once again, so that having been said, the Paperless One would like you to check out EgulphyRadio, which is precisely what EgulphyRadio would have sounded like if I was still 10 years old, without the squeaky voices!

Send your feedback to egulphyradio@egulphy.com, as I'd love to hear from the listeners.  So far, I have a six-hour loop of music, which is hella more than CFNY plays these days, and since not many people heard those 80's tapes, not much feedback was heard about them.  Maybe I'll even bow to peer pressure and release the "Crime and Punishment" radio play.

Until then, check out the EgulphyRadio top ten for August 2001:

1 Bleed American Jimmy Eat World
2 Fuck Authority Pennywise
3 Short Skirt Long Jacket Cake
4 Delia's Gone Wyclef Jean
5 Fishfuck Gwar
6 Hooligans For Life Rival Schools
7 19-2000 Gorillaz
8 East Side Smoother
9 Head Like A Hole Devo
10 Besides Ours

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