Much has been said about our Formula 1 wagering form:

"The races are exciting this year - this is unnecessary!" - some guy

"Where were these guys last year?" - some other guy

"What were you doing in that kilt at Silverstone!?!" - Jenson Button

Grand Prix:

Number of cars to finish the race or pass DNF point
Lap number of Jacques Villeneuve's retirement
Number of Minardis to finish the race
Number of Toyotas to finish the race
Lap number of first pit stop
Number of cars on track that have not entered the pit before Lap 20
Number of lead changes
Number of tire blowouts
First place:
Second place:
Third place:
"Orchestra Conductor" on camera during anthem (Y/N) yes no
Funny wigs worn by crew during celebration (Y/N) yes no
Number of drinks of Tang the winner takes on camera
Louise's first interview

...and you are?

The scoring system can be viewed here.

Picks will be made public, and if all goes well, will be the subject of a pool for next season.


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