Today, the Paperless One would like you to meet the felines that hang around in the Paperless Office.  There are also two dogs on the staff, but they will get their own day in the near me!

Fabio in the kitchen In the kitchen, we have Fabio.

He chefs up a variety of things for the Paperless staffers, but eats most of them himself!

Pippa, yesterday Here we have a very rare photo of Pippa.  We don't see her very often.  In fact, she's such a sneaky cat that many people don't really believe we have two cats that look so similar (see Toonces, below).
Toonces on the Sony Here is Toonces, the resident DJ.  She spins a fine record when the turntable lid is up - when it's not, she sleeps!
Ammie, seconds before chewing up these flowers Amsterdam is the coolest Bluepoint Siamese in the world, not to mention the loudest, and quickly becoming the biggest.  He's at home on your shoulders, or purring behind your head in bed (did I mention he's the LOUDEST?).
Xenie takes notes! Xenex is a talented Blue Burmese - he answers phones, takes messages, and makes coffee for everyone in the office!

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